Striving for the most sustainable hotel possible goes without saying for us. Solar panels and heatpipes on the roof, bicycles with used frames and new parts, local products, organic coffee beans, bamboo plates, we have it all, but there is still plenty to do in this area.



The ‘igloo’ logo represents sustainable entrepreneurship. In our opinion the igloo is the only building that can rightly be called circular. We do not achieve such a degree of circularity with our hotel, but it inspires us to keep our focus on sustainability.

The word igloo means ‘house’ in Inuktitu. We welcome everyone to our Guesthouse and wish you a pleasant stay.

When you charge your smart phone, electricity comes from our solar panels. When you take a shower, the water is warmed by heatpipes and an air source heat pump.

our bicycles were made in a social workplace, where old bicycleS GET A NEW LIFE


Where possible, we use eco friendly cleaning products and sustainable materials, such as water-based paint. The sustainably produced bed linen and towels go to an energy-efficient and water-saving laundry.

The elevator is 90% recyclable and energy efficient, thanks to an efficient drivetrain and energy recovery.

Food and drinks are often organic and purchased locally at Oregional. Our delicious sandwiches and cakes come from a beautiful social enterprise ‘Brood op de Plank’.

The Numi tea that is served is organic, fair trade, pure and the bags are completely compostable, partly because they are printed with soy ink.

This is a selection of the stories that can be told, for more you are welcome on location.