Book one of our 45 rooms in Nijmegen and wake up in an Auping box spring bed.



A reasonable priced, pleasant stay. That charachterizes Guesthouse Vertoef. Each room has its own style. Be surprised by a room with a name like Mediterranean, Industrial, Vintage, Scandinavian or Dutch Design Room.



Do you want to stay longer? You are welcome as one of our  longstay guests. Ideal for expats and people searching for houses and in between houses.



Professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, digital nomads, expats, students… welcome to the Guesthouse Vertoef flex-work places! A simple concept: Sit down, open your laptop, connect to ultrafast WiFi and go. You work with a paid membership (daily, weekly or monthly) whenever you want. Meeting rooms are also available on this website. For more information, please click “Work”. 


Cappuccino, special and seasonal beers, salads or sandwiches, the bar is the place for food and beverage. In the lounge at the bar you can relax after a journey or meet each other. Have a look on the page “Bar & Bites” for more info and images.


The most circular accommodation, the igloo, is our logo. Click the button below and find out the sustainability actions Guesthouse Vertoef has made.


The entire building is wheelchair friendly. This means that a wheelchair user can move freely without obstacles caused by the design or layout of the space.

  • passageways are at least 80 cm;
  • elevator is available;
  • no thresholds higher than 2 cm;
  • the public disabled toilet on the ground floor has safety rails and a low sink;
  • height-adjustable shower stool is available on request;
  • sufficient space on 1 side next to the bed;
  • sufficient space between the tables in the bar.

Unfortunately not (yet) possible;

  • check in as an individual via the night safe in case of complete wheelchair dependency.