Privacy Statement

We have to process personal information on a daily basis. Of course we do so in accordance with the law, which requires us to specify exactly which information we process and to what end in this privacy declaration.

This declaration is not applicable to the processing of information on behalf of and in accordance to instructions of third parties such as aircraft companies, car rental companies and other service providers, travel companies, marketing partners and business partners.


‘Personal information’ embodies any information gathered which may be used to identify you as a person, either directly (i.e. a name) or indirectly (i.e. a telephone number). We advise you to read this privacy declaration before providing such information. This privacy declaration is part of our terms and conditions.

By making use of our products or services and/or by agreeing to this privacy declaration, for instance by registering for one of our products or services, regardless of the manner in which the registration was made, you agree to the processing and use of personal information in accordance to this declaration.

Personal information gathered by us

Any interaction between our staff and a guest, as well as anything we encounter during our work-related activities may be used to gather personal information. At various times we may be required to ask you, as our guest, for your and/or your family’s personal information, including but not limited to:

  • Contact information (i.e. last name, first name, phone number, email address);
  • Personal information (i.e. date of birth, nationality);
  • Payment information (i.e. creditcardnumber, miscellaneous card information);
  • Authentication information as well as other invoice and bank account details;
  • Date of arrival and departure;
  • Questions and remarks during and after your stay;
  • Conversations per mail, email, apps and text messages.

Furthermore, in specific cases we may gather other personal information, including but not limited to:

  • Participation in marketing programs and win actions (even if you don’t stay in the Guesthouse);
  • Information on vehicles you take to the Guesthouse;
  • Ratings and opinions (only if you deliberately provide such);
  • Groups you were connected to during your stay at the Guesthouse;
  • Miscellaneous information which you chose to provide or that we received otherwise;
  • Job applications, any CV as well as motivation letters sent to us may be kept in our portfolio;
  • Additional personal information during the registration process or check-in at our hotel, which we may be required to gather and share with other hotels due to local law regulations. We are in possession of a closed television circuit, which may, in accordance to the law, record visual and audio recordings of guests and visitors in public areas to ensure security for both our guests and staff. Only the hotel manager and official law enforcement has access to these recordings. Information regarding your location in the Guesthouse is processed through our lock system other technology, such as WiFi. In addition we may gather additional personal information in relation to other services available in the Guesthouse, such as concierge activities, meeting rooms, other activities or through service agreements for flexible workspaces;
  • Employee information gathered in relation to employment contracts, which are lawfully binding. For information on the processing of personal information of employees, we refer you to the policy on location.

From persons who are less than 18 years old we only register their name, nationality and date of birth. Only adults can provide additional information to us. We would appreciate if you can prevent your children from sending us personal information without your consent, especially through the internet. If such information is sent anyway, you can request for it to be erased by emailing

We do not intentionally gather sensitive information such as details on political, religious, spiritual and sexual orientation, health, union membership or ethnical origin. Depending on local law other information may be regarded as sensitive, such as credit card details, leisure activities, personal activities, hobbies and whether you smoke. We may be required to gather this information to meet your requests or specific services such as a diet.

Personal information that we gain from third parties

We can also gather personal information on our guests through third parties, including information from our financial service providers and other partners, social media web sites in accordance with your settings on those platforms and from other third parties that are lawfully allowed to share personal information with us. We use and share all such information as described in this privacy declaration.

When do we gather your personal information

Personal information may be gathered at a variety of occasions, including but not limited to:

  • Guesthouse activities (i.e. booking a room, checking in, fulfilling payments, ordering at the bar, making requests, complaints, or while handling other incidents;
  • Information transactions from third parties, such as GDS reservation systems, tour operators and travel agencies;
  • Internet activities such as connecting to our WiFi, filling in online forms, creating reservations and the use of social media.

What we use your personal information for

Your personal information may be used by us to a variety of ends, including but not limited to:

  • Fulfilling our obligations to our guests;
  • Managing reservations: creation and storage of legal documents in accordance to accounting regulations;
  • Managing your stay, such as permission to the rooms, use of our services such as the bar or renting bicycles, maintaining the black list;
  • Managing guest relations, such as saving the wishes and preferences of returning guests, managing the loyalty program, providing information for the guest database, predicting and anticipating on future behaviour;
  • Abiding to local law, such as keeping track of a night register and the storage of legal documents;
  • Managing digital payments. After your stay you receive the bill digitally. It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct and desired email address. In case you make a reservation for somebody else, the bill will be sent to you;
  • Managing group reservations and special events: in case you arrive as part of a group reservation, company or event to our Guesthouse, we may gather information to prepare our services accordingly. This information may be shared with the organisors and, if applicable, the guests who made the reservation and/or participate in it;
  • Meeting and event planning: your personal information may be used to provide you with information of meeting and event planning.

Access to your personal information by third parties

Only authorised staff has access to your personal information, including:

  • Guesthouse Vertoef’s staff
  • IT junior contractor
  • Medical services (if necessary)
  • Legal services (if necessary)
  • Commercial partners and marketing agencies.

Your personal information may be sent to third parties to improve your stay and to provide additional services, such as to banks, credit card companies, external lawyers, dispatchers and printers.

Local authorities may force us to send them your personal information in case this is in accordance with the law or as part of research in accordance with local prescriptions.

Protection of your personal information

Guesthouse Vertoef takes the appropriate technical and organisational precautions, in accordance with lawful prescriptions, to keep your personal information up to date and to ensure its protection from being accessed without authorisation, publication, editing and destruction. We demand from any company with whom we share personal information that they make an equal effort to guarantee its protection. To ensure the safety of personal information on our website and during transactions we employ SSL coding technology. In addition we have made a variety of organisational precautions such as username and password requirements and camera supervision.

Unfortunately no security system available to us can be regarded as completely waterproof when it comes to transferring information over the internet. Do not send us any sensitive personal information by email to avoid the risk of it being compromised. We will never contact you by mobile phone or text messages to request personal information or credit card details. In the event that you do receive such requests, do not respond, but inform us by emailing to

Storage of personal information

Your personal information will only be stored during the period in which it is deemed necessary to meet the ends described in this privacy declaration or in accordance with relevant laws.

Requesting and editing personal information

You have the right to access your personal information as gathered by Guesthouse Vertoef as well as edit, correct or delete it in accordance with lawful regulations. Any request to do so has to be submitted in writing by emailing In the event that we receive a request to access personal information from an unfamiliar email address, we may have to ask you to provide identification before we can fulfill the request in order to ensure the confidentiality and protecting of personal information. Therefore, we ask you to attach a copy of official identification documents along with such requests. We will make every effort to fulfill requests for personal information in accordance with the law; however, it may be that in this type of service we will be unable to provide you with the quality and flexibility of service that you are used to from us.

Updates of this privacy declaration

This declaration will be edited from time to time. Therefor, we advise you to consult it regularly, particularly when making a reservation.


Any questions on the content of the privacy declaration may be sent to